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Gringo Thoughts: Mocking Accents

Gringo Thoughts – my rants based on my own personal experiences and frustrations of living as a gringa in a foreign country. This post does not necessarily represent my  more thought out, less emotionally driven views on any particular subject and is meant to be taken lightly. Every day is a lesson, and the best thing I’ve learned is to […]

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Fearful Phone Calls Abroad

I recently read one of Jorge Ramos’ articles describing a phone call he received while covering a story abroad. His father had a heart attack, and Ramos hopped on the next plane to Mexico City where he met his family and simply waited. Fortunately, his father survived. That phone call is that last thing everyone living abroad wants to receive […]

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Thanksgiving in Chile Fail

Turkey Day, as it is colloquially called, is one of my favorite holidays. Not because I believe all that rubbish about peace and fraternity between Native Americans and Pilgrims, it’s primarily because I enjoy spending time with my family as we remind ourselves to be grateful and appreciative of all the positive things in our lives. Thanksgiving is also one […]

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Yolimar Plaza – Venezolana en Chile (Parte II): “Yo creo que como inmigrante lo que más uno extraña son los afectos”

Hace un par de días les contamos sobre Yolimar, Venezolana en Chile y su iniciativa de logar un punto de encuentro y apoyo entre los venezolanos acá en Chile a través de @VzlanaenChile , acá continuamos la entrevista y ahondamos un poco más sobre vivir en Santiago, algunos tips para compatriotas y finalmente saber un poco cómo se ha portado Chile y […]

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Yolimar Plaza – Venezolana en Chile (Parte I)

A través de nuestro Twitter hemos tenido oportunidad de conocer y seguir a cuentas y personas muy interesantes, sobre todo en lo que se refiere a Inmigrantes en Chile. Dentro de esas personas empezamos a interactuar con la cuenta @VzlanaenChile y la verdad es que su energía en la red social nos hizo querer conocer mejor qué significa estar en Chile para ella. […]

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We’re on I Love Chile

We’ve recently been in contact with I Love Chile, Chile’s largest English newspaper, and its team was attracted by our random and fun entries on our experiences in Chile. The Bay Essence team has been invited to regularly contribute, and you should see our articles published at least once a week. Here is the our first article which was published yesterday, […]

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