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We’re on I Love Chile

We’ve recently been in contact with I Love Chile, Chile’s largest English newspaper, and its team was attracted by our random and fun entries on our experiences in Chile. The Bay Essence team has been invited to regularly contribute, and you should see our articles published at least once a week. Here is the our first article which was published yesterday, […]

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Ser Embajador

Recuerdo que la charla en que el Rector nos despedía como grupo de estudiantes que íbamos de intercambio dijo una frase que encontré muy atinada, aunque varios la deben haber encontrado algo cursi: “ustedes serán embajadores de su universidad y de su país, llevarán su nombre a lugares y personas donde el contacto con ustedes dejará una imagen de dónde […]

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Gringo Stand-Up Comedy in Santiago: Eileen Shea

I’ve loved stand-up comedy since I was a kid. I remember religiously watching the Comedy Central stand-up specials, and in high school I even snuk out to see an encore performance of one of my favorite comedians at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland (sorry, overprotective/uncooperative parents!). I attended my first local comedy show when I was 13 years old at […]

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