Macy’s and Ikea in Chile!

Wouldn´t be convenient to have Macy’s and Ikea in Chile? Who wouldn’t want easy to assemble, Swedish furniture and name brand clothing? Well, they’re here! Or something not really like it at all…

“The Best Clothing in the World” (Santiago)
Made In Turkey (Santiago)

You tend to see signs and storefronts that are quite deceptive, laughable or just weird (at least for an American). Here are a couple of my favorites that I’ve seen so far:

Apparently PUTAnesca is a sauce (Valdivia)
The Little Deceased Person’s Restaurant, at the entrance of the Municipal Cemetery (San Miguel de Azapa)
Completos Available (hot dogs smothered in mayo and avacado), written on a Ministry of Health flyer outside of a small restaurant (San Miguel de Azapa)
Garage, Strawberry, Halloween, Pinballs… huh? (Valparaíso)
Lord of the Completos (Quilpue)
Here is THE POWER OF GOD restaurant. (Valparaíso)
Viagra on sale (Santiago)
Krusty’s Tavern (Arica)
Should be AS (ground beef in a hot dog bun), but is often mispelled as ASS.
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