Thanksgiving in Chile Fail

Turkey Day, as it is colloquially called, is one of my favorite holidays. Not because I believe all that rubbish about peace and fraternity between Native Americans and Pilgrims, it’s primarily because I enjoy spending time with my family as we remind ourselves to be grateful and appreciative of all the positive things in our lives. Thanksgiving is also one of the few times of the year my family is able to get together, and what better way to spend it than preparing a feast, eating all day, having a couple drinks in between, and to top it all off – shopping all night and into the wee hours. How gloriously gluttonous my life was back home!
I attempted to recreate Thanksgiving in Chile (without the invasive Black Friday fury), and I was presented with a few challenges which lead to the demise of my Thanksgiving abroad idea.
For one, I don’t have an oven that I feel comfortable using. Having absolutely no idea what temperature the old oven is on since the oven knob is about as helpful as my neighbor’s cat, I decided I would purchase a pre-cooked stuffed turkey, as advised by some fellow ‘Muricans in Chile. Unfortunately,  $4500 pesos/kilo (about $4.50 dollars/pound) for turkey in addition to purchasing and making all sorts of other traditional dishes is a little out of my budget.

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After much deliberation, I sadly decided I would skip on the festivities this year, until a friend of mine gave me a great idea. He asked me, ”Why don’t you Chileanize the menu?” Although he may have been referring to replacing dishes with those I would have no trouble finding and preparing here, I thought – why not find out what the Spanish offered the indigenous people in Chile and make that! Genius!

That short conversation made my life that much easier; this year I will be having barrels of aguardiente. Thanks, Spain! I know my family will be receiving a number of drunk international calls this year.


Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

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