The Little Bakery in Santiago: British Treats to Your Door

Chile (Ad)Ventures is a series on Bay Essence – a cross between adventures and innovative business ventures in Chile. In this post we’ve interviewed Claudia and Emma Higgins, the mom and daughter duo behind Santiago’s favorite English bakery, the Little Bakery – fresh, healthy and delicious!
We heard about the Little Bakery some time ago on, popular on various expat networks. The common question arises, “Where can I find my favorite sweets and dishes in Santiago?’’, and we have an answer! The Little Bakery’s menu will make your mouth water in homesickness as Claudia (mum) and Emma (daughter), both British expats bring to you the best of their kitchen to yours.
Claudia first came out to Chile for a holiday, and liked it so much that she stayed for the long haul, while Emma followed along several years later. After experiencing the financial crisis, Claudia and Emma decided to go from employees to self-employed. With a love for cooking, Claudia experienced a light bulb moment and decided to open up the Little Bakery, and take on the challenge one pie at a time.
Blueberry Cheesecake

The Little Bakery’s Delicious and Healthy Goodies

Who doesn’t like the smell of homemade cooking in their house? The special part about the Little Bakery is that they’re not your conventional bakery. All of their entrees and desserts are prepared for you to pop into your oven with easy instructions to serve on a hot plate for you and your guests. Perfect for taking away the stress of shopping and cooking your favorite meals. Even more convenient, the Little Bakery offers delivery services.
A Thanksgiving delight – Turkey breast with Pistachio and Cranberry stuffing.


Knowing how difficult it could be to find certain dishes and ingredients in Chile, we had the chance to ask these lovely ladies if they’ve had to adapt their recipes, but they’ve only made them healthier using local Chilean products creating dishes from scratch.

Yes, we have had to adapt! Our first product we offered here was traditional British mince pies. The original recipe uses suet (an animal fat) as a food preserver that is not readily available here, and as we prefer healthier cooking, it made sense just to leave it out. Less fat and less preservatives both equal better quality food.

British Mince Pies
Some of their most popular dishes are the Mince Pies and the Crumpets, especially great for tea time. Some of Claudia and Emma’s personal favorites include the Salmon en Croute, the Spinach and Goats Cheese wrapped in filo pastry, and the boneless Turkey breast with Pistachio and Cranberry stuffing. The Steak and Kidney pies are also favorites among the expat community.
Salmon en Croute – a fantastic salmon fillet with asparagus and wrapped in puff pastry, and Spinach Quiche


Mom and Daughter Entrepreneurs in Chile

As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, there comes risks and challenges. Initially, one of the main challenges for Claudia and Emma was deciding on a menu setting them apart from their competition, yet neutral enough for the Chilean palate.
Although The Little Bakery has been popular among expats, it hasn’t been a cake walk with the Chilean clientele since most of the food is either British or North American. However, Chileans who have traveled to the UK or North America have also come back searching for those goodies they’ve tried abroad.

Chocolate Torte and Lemon Meringue Pie


This mum and daughter duo have found Chile to be an easier place to start a business in comparison with the UK. As a piece of advice, they’ve said:

Go for it! It’s extremely important to know your market and your competitors so research a lot. The last piece of advice is to use the online world to your advantage. Apart from some business cards almost all of our business is generated through our web page or emails. It greatly reduces costs, which is a huge problem to overcome when you’re just starting out.

Bay Essence invites you to try The Little Bakery for yourselves, and discover their tasty treats. Check out their menu (English and Spanish) at for delivery or pick up, and if you have suggestions or inquiries, contact them at: or  (+56-9) 9845 1904.

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