Who is Bay Essence?

The Blog

Bay Essence has posts at random in the above-mentioned topics as well as various series that we keep up with, here is a list of them:

Chile (ad)Ventures – Adventuring into new territory and creating business ventures along the way, we highlight both Chilean and expat noteworthy businesses and services in Chile.

Expat Life – Experiences and personal stories on being an expat in Chile
Expat Resources – Helpful information for daily life in Chile

Comidas con Onda – Food reviews of original and historical places with the coolest vibes
Ruta de las Picadas – Picada/dive restaurant reviews
Mundos Entre Chile – Reviews on international food restaurants in Chile

Weekend Events in Santiago
Things to See / Do in Santiago

Weekend Events in Valparaíso
Things to See / Do in Valparaíso

Travel – Our travel experiences through Chile and the world

Behind the Blog

After a meeting in Valparaíso in 2009 and spending a semester together followed by two and a half years in a long-distance relationship, Fransisco and Crystal accept the challenge of building a life together in Santiago de Chile.

How did we meet? Francisco is a Valparaíso native who studied abroad in Central Pennsylvania, coincidentally at Crystal’s home university. However, they only met half a world away when Crystal’s thirst for the world led her to Francisco’s home university in Valparaíso. He, along with former study abroad participants, welcomed all the newcomers to Valpo, Crystal and Francisco met, and the rest is history.

As Francisco and Crystal are always in search for new adventures and greater understanding of themselves and the world. This blog is a venue for them to recount their travel impressions, food/restaurant reviews, and cultural experiences. The name Bay Essence is an ode to their beloved hometowns – Valparaíso and Oakland, California, both situated on the bay overlooking the Pacific Ocean on opposite ends of the world. They consider these places very influential and fundamental part of who they are and this blog is written through that very same lens.

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