100 en 1 día: Foto Ruta

Remember our article about 100 en 1 día
Cat from Foto Ruta are gonna participate tomorrow (Sunday 20th), here the details for the event. Here’s the info in the words of Cat Allen:
“Basically it is a mini Foto Ruta, an hour long version of our Weekly clue based product. We will start off with a 15 minute photography creative workshop, all participants will receive 3 clues, completely open to interpretation, and will then have 30 minutes to independently take photos in the surrounding area.

We are meeting outside of Cafe Literario, Parque Bustmante (on the grass by the northern entrance). Afterwards everyone will regroup (I will have blankets on the ground) and we will share the photos everyone has taken. 

There is also the opportunity for participants to upload their favourite photo taken on the day to our facebook page (www.facebook.com/foto-rutaSTGO) for a chance to win a full Foto Ruta experience, worth $16.000
Times: 2pm4pm6pm.
All ages, cameras and levels of experience welcome! Remember…it’s Free!!
Note: The events will be in Spanish unless there are enough foreigners to warrant it being in English also.

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