4/20 and Reasons to be a Lana

Since I’ve been here, I’ve taken an interest towards lanas, and by lana I mean the niche group of people. There isn’t much information about them online, so here is my anthropological two cents on lanas.
If you’re unfamiliar with the term, I’m sure you have seen them. They’re those who typically wear wool clothing (hence being called a lana), they look like Chilean hippies and you might even see them out and about selling soy sandwiches and organic cookies. Well, if that description didn’t make you want to convert right here and now, below are my reasons as to why I’ve personally kind of always wanted to be a lana:
1. Super Comfy Clothing
Wool pants with funky patterns that don’t seem to match any top you have, anyone? I definitely have a pair, and they’re pretty comfy, but it can get hot in the summer. No worries though because you can convert them into shorts with their handy adjustable pant leg strings. Problem solved.


Wool and alpaca sweaters? Check! They even make great gifts for friends and family back home.

2. Vegetarian Food
How many times have you got out of a club or bar and had a tinkering for something good for the bajón (drunchies). Lanas provide a healthy solution: soy burgers and tacos! I’ve also seen them selling falafel with garlic yogurt. Try not to think about sanitation and food temperature issues. It’s the bajón anyway. Soy or a pound of mayo on your completo? Try the soy next time.
I used to be a vegetarian before I gave up not eating meat for lent one year (I know that may sound weird), but I’m slowly inching back to my veggie ways. Even if you are not a vegetarian, some vegetarian dishes can be both fulfilling and delicious like the lana’s vegan/vegetarian sweets that are usually a safer option than your typical street food. I tried a huge banana and oatmeal vegan cookie from one of them, and it was quite tasty.
3. Bob Marley
They rock the Jamaican colors and Bob Marley shirts as if they were all attending One Love Peace Concert in 1978. But who doesn’t like Bob Marley?
4. Chill Personality
If you actually know any lanas, you would know that they’re pretty chill. I’ve attributed this to their hippie, one with the world nature which I prescribe to on a lightweight basis.
5. Dreads
On a more serious note, I’ve always wanted dreads, so this had to make the list. Some lanas have dreads and may be confused with Rastafarian, but they’re not the same! Or maybe they are in their own confused world, perhaps they even collided and formed an evolved pokemon of the two… but that’s for another day and another post. Anyway, I’ve debated getting dreads; I even debated getting them done in Viña on the beach by someone out there with a sign saying something to the effect of: “we do dreads”. Oh, one day…
(Photo: fotolog.com)


This is a bonus reason if you’re into this sort of thing. As Nate Dogg would put it, “smoke weed everyday”. Lol Happy 4/20!
Speaking of which, here´s an agenda for The Lana 4/20:
Wake and bake (both figuratively and literally).
Sell freshly baked cookies outside of el Metro Baquedano while consuming pot brownies.
(photo: guestofaguest.com)
Buy a new pot accessory at the local feria artesanal, smoke more and admire your new toy and talk about all of its unique qualities with fellow lanas. “This grinder is awesome, and has a chamber for keef.” – #shitlanassay
Begin a 4/20 movies marathon, have full blown, in depth, high conversations about it and completely forget about each movie and conversation save for some random details. WTF was Aronofky’s Pi about, again?
Have a huge smoke out with a couple joints going around sitting Indian style under a tree. Forget to resume the movie marathon.

Successfully engineer a trifecta joint and have no one to help light it. #Lanaproblems

(photo: www.hark.com)
Smoke with other lanas and talk about how pot is legal in places like Uruguay, how President Mujica is awesome, and how one day you’ll visit each mentioned destination and finally be able to smoke in peace. Also, discuss plans to learn how to grow your own pot after taking some random horticulture class you heard about at SOMA.
Think that Gondwana sold out while listening to Bob Marley.
Consider the Rastafarian movement and its…. I want a cookie. Pensar en la inmortalidad del cangrejo (daydream).
Have a fancy dinner to cure the munchies which includes a papapleto and soda combo at the completo truck on Bellavista.

Papapleto (Photo: marceloavalos.com)


Leave the soy meat to soak overnight to make soy burgers for the following day and sell them at el Parque Forestal.Solve global warming issues and forget to write down your ideas. Remember absolutely nothing the following day.

Plan for Earth Day (April 22) and settle with repeating all of the above just to have another reason to do so. In addition, consider planting a tree.

(Photo: www.tumblr.com)



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