5 Mistakes When Shipping A Vehicle to Chile

Shipping a Vehicle to Chile by Jason Mueller

We are happy to share a new Guest Post!! this time is Jason Mueller, a Canadian expat living is Costa Rica operating his own business and also working with Auto Transport. He loves to travel and meet new interesting people from all over the world.

Check the tips he has to avoid problems when you ship a vehicle to Chile!

Top 5 Mistakes Expats Make When Shipping Their Vehicle to Chile

The need to ship a vehicle to another country becomes necessary for many individuals, especially those planning to relocate. The process of transporting an automobile overseas isn’t something that the untrained and unprepared person can take on alone. Luckily, there are tons of international transport companies willing to carry out the shipping process, assuring that your vehicle is lawfully and safely imported.

Using the latest shipping gear and the hands of their trained employees, a transport company will have the capability of getting your vehicle into Chile. Of course, your vehicle will need to comply with the regulations set by the country or a transport may not even be possible. For example, expats are only permitted to have newer vehicles imported into the country. Contact the Embassy of Chile for the current auto import policies.

Whenever you have the need to ship a vehicle abroad, it is best to be knowledgeable of some of the most common mistakes made by those unfamiliar with overseas vehicle transport. Avoiding these mistakes will only ensure that your vehicle arrives safely in the country.

1 Forgetting to research the transport company before hiring them for services

It is very important that you research the international transporters in your area before hastily hiring the first company to throw you a low quote. Check out their website and even read the reviews left by past shipping clients. Find relevant contact information, the services offered, and get an idea of how well the company operates.

2 Not fulfilling all of the country’s requirements before the transport is set to begin

The fulfillment of the import policy is the only way the vehicle can be permitted into the country. Gather the documents needed such as your passport, license, the proof of vehicle purchase, and other similar forms. Customs will release a certificate of approval upon the completion of all that is required.

3 Paying a large down payment or full payment before the delivery is made.

Never pay for your services before the delivery of the vehicle has been made. This doesn’t account for any taxes you must pay to receive approval from Customs. Be cautious of scam artists. They will always ask for money upfront. Researching the company you hire is the best way to avoid such circumstances.

4 Neglecting to prepare the vehicle.

Preparing the automobile for its international shipping process is essential to its safety as well as the safety of those caring for the transport. These are usually simple tasks to fulfill and can be done rather easily. Some of the requests include cleaning the vehicle thoroughly and documenting any damages.

5 Not reassuring that the transport company carries proper insurance coverage

All authentic auto transport companies are required to carry insurance coverage for the automobiles in their care. Although it is unlikely that any damages occur to the vehicle while it’s in the hands of professionals, insurance will cover any repairs that might be needed as a result of the transport. Always ask the transport company about their coverage and who they go through for insurance.

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  • Can you tell me what the requiremente for shipping a vehicle to Santiage Is there any age requirements
    Do you ship there it is a 1990 Jaguar F


    Frank corrente

  • Can you tell me what the requiremente for shipping a vehicle to Santiage Is there any age requirements
    Do you ship there it is a 1990 Jaguar F


    Frank corrente

  • I’m one of those people who are relocating and need to have my car shipped. I’ve never done this before and have no idea how this works and how to do this correctly. It’s comforting to know that there are services that ship out vehicles and work hard to make sure it’s done correctly. I plan on making this work and finding a good service that can help me out.

  • Just went through a nightmare of shipping a vehicle to Chile for a returning resident. 2002 Mercedes S500. All said and done it took 4 days of running in circles completing paperwork and $5,000.

  • In addition to my comment, can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone about shipping vehicles from the US to Chile. All shipping companies say oh yea we can do it for you but Chile has so rules for importing vehicles from the US. Apparently, you can not send a used vehicle. We have another vehicle we want to send, 2012 Cadillac CTSV that we just purchased. Can’t get anyone to tell me the step by step requirements or actual cost.

  • I’ve always wondered, does the company handle the pickup AND delivery of your vehicle all the way to Chile and who answers any damages that might happen in the delivery if I’m not present yet.

  • Good advice. It is always important to check for reviews and also make sure the shipping company brings you a good insurance policy.

  • Always important to do real good research on the people you’re trusting to move your car.

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  • shipping a vehicle was not an easy task, I had to do it with my previous car… It was a true headache :/

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  • Good advice. It is always important to check for updates and make sure the shipping company brings you a good insurance policy.

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