Air France Bridges Connections between Asia and Latin America

Air France Bridges Connections between Asia and Latin America

Central and South America aren’t the easiest of continents to travel to for those living outside of the Americas, especially for those residing in Asia. Although Filipino citizens among other Asian nationals can visit select countries without having to obtain a visa prior to arrival, these long haul flights are outrageously priced, and the cheap living standards are not enough to make up for the amount spent on the airfare itself.

But now that the Christmas season is upon us, more airlines are supplying end of the year promotions, making it easier for those having a difficult time finding an affordable itinerary in the midst of the peak prices. And for people living in or near Hong Kong, they now have the chance of a lifetime to save up to $1000 on round trip tickets to Mexico, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Guayaquil and Quito, courtesy of Air France. Despite Post Magazine explaining that the flights to these exotic locations can involve more than one connecting flight and long layovers, which can bring up the travel time to at least 50 hours, it’s not that often that carriers slash off this much off regular fares to travel halfway around the world. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people in Asia who’ve only been able to dream about South America.

The winter sale also consists of discounts on other destinations around the globe. While most international flights will connect London travelers to Heathrow Airport, the world’s third busiest airport according to UK-based company Parking4Less, Air France is offering London City Airport as an option through its partner airline KLM, clearly the more convenient choice due to the passenger hub’s central location. Other major European cities are included in this promotion, including Paris and Amsterdam, which also are the layovers for trips to the English capital.

The round trip winter promo began on December 8 and will be available until January 4 for departures up to June 16, 2016.


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