Cancelled and Delayed Flights

Here is a list of a series of events that can happen to you in an airport. I experienced this on the course of three days. I had to ask myself was this trip meant to be? Is it really that difficult to go to California from Chile???

Wednesday, Day 1:

My flight from Santiago, Chile to Lima, Peru was delayed three hours, meaning that I would miss my connecting flight from Lima to San Francisco.

I was already checked in, and inside the, airport, so I had to reverse entering International Police and go back home. I had checked my luggage, to no surprise, it was now lost. I waited around for about an hour and a half for the airline to tell me that they did not know if it was in Santiago or going to Lima, San Francisco, or New York!

I have free (or HEAVILY discounted) tickets when I fly; and this makes a huge difference. There is always that creepy possibility that curls up into your stomach and produces anxiety and nausea because you may not get on the flight.

The other people who were about to miss their connecting flight from Lima were moved to an earlier plane. Since I was flying free, I’m pretty much the last to be considered when and if these kinds of things occur, so I missed this luxury.

Generally airlines will compensate you with free lodging and some cash, but again, this doesn’t apply for standby tickets and would have been SOL if weren’t in Santiago when this happened and not a foreign city where I know no one. 

Thursday, Day 2:

Another three hour delay from Santiago to LA. I had to switch my flight destination to LA since there aren’t flights directly to SF everyday. From LA I would be able to catch a flight to SF with another airline.

During this flight there was a layover in Lima where we inconveniently had to exit the plane, go through security, and enter the SAME PLANE for “maintenance reasons”. For the following hour, I had to listen to snobby Argentinians and Chileans complaining to the Peruvian employees about how they are a “disaster”. 

Friday, Day 3:

I finally got to the US! I touched down in LA only to be met with another hour and a half delay to SF. Apparently the flight from LA to SF is late on a daily basis due to the ever immortal fog.

Luckily, my luggage was found in SF too! Unfortunately, since the airline did not have flights into SF every day, the office was closed by the time I got there.

I left the airport with no luggage and a whole day late. I got into the Bay from Chile with three jackets (who needs a jacket in the northern hemisphere’s summer??), two purses, a backpack, and a toothbrush.  Best excuse to go shopping.
They delivered my luggage on Sunday at 12am! At least I didn’t have to go to the airport to get it and thankfully my best friend’s family was still awake to receive it.

All of these setbacks and troubles do not even compare to being in the Bay and enjoying the summer with family and friends. It was the most stress free time I had in….well, I can’t even remember how long it has been now, but in a LONG time. I forgot about all of this as soon as I saw my friends in the airport waiting for me.

Life is always good and things eventually work out. J

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