Exams and Recognition in Chilean Schools

Procedures, requirements and all information related to the Exams and Recognition of Chilean Schools and Universities


Students wishing to attend a university must take the undergraduate University Entrance Exam – Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU) prepared by el Departamento de Evaluación, Medición y Registro Educacional (DEMRE) under la Universidad de Chile. This score ranges from 150-850, and determines admission into particular degree programs and universities as each major will have a particular minimum score for eligibility. However, the secondary diploma certificate is adequate for admission into many private universities and all professional institutes and training centers.
Students prepare for the PSU at their high schools and can take the two day, multiple choice test any number of times, and choose the score they wish use to apply to schools which is valid for up to two years. It is given over the course of two days in December consisting of four exams, two of which are compulsory, Spanish Language and Math, with two electives, History and Social Sciences and Sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology). Students choose the elective exams based on the career they wish to pursue and university program requirements.
Some universities may require additional (non-PSU) tests or personal interviews for admission to some programs.
For primary schools, students take the SIMCE (Sistema de Medición de la Calidad de la Educación) which includes exams overseen by Ministry of Education used to evaluate all students in fourth, eighth, tenth and eleventh grades.
Both of these exam scores and how students fare well on them in particular schools are important when choosing a school for your children.

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