Favorite Travel Destinations: Blogging from #AtoZChallenge (Updated)

During the month of April, Bay Essence will participate in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge with each post beginning with each letter of the alphabet, which means 26 posts starting with 26 letters and posting everyday! OK, everyday except Sundays. Gotta take a break sometime.

Our Theme
We decided to do a theme for all of our entries which will be 26 Favorite Travel Destinations (thus far!) focusing on one or two things we loved about each place, so they’ll be short posts (phew!) with our original photos.

This is our fist time participating in a challenge like this, so we hope we can keep up! We’re the number 1294th blog to sign up for the challenge, and there are over 1700 blogs on various subjects participating. We’ll be reading other related blogs and sharing our posts as well as theirs on Twitter. 
Follow us here: @BayEssenceBlog on Twitter, and we’ll be using this hashtag: #AtoZChallenge

More info: A to Z April Challenge


A – Amsterdam Accepts Monkeys for Beer
B – Barcelona y el Barrio Gótico
C – Caen sus 70 años después
D – Denver: Two Reasons it’s Awesome
E – Elqui Valley’s Stars, Solar Ovens and Vinyards
F – Foz do Iguaçu en familia: Naturaleza y Comida
G – Granada, Spain
H – Hershey: 5 Chocolatey Things to Do
I – Istanbul: 10 Oldest Treasures 
J – Jersey’s Boardwalks
K – Key Biscayne
L – Londres: el Desafio de las 20 Horas
M – Machu Picchu
N – New York: El Chelsea Market y el High Line Park
O – Oakland, California 
P – Paris: Baguettes, Macarrones y Formulas con Caracoles
Q – la Quinta Región de Valparaíso
R – Rio de Janeiro, naturaleza urbana 
S – Seattle y el Museo EMP (Experience Music Project)
T – Teotihuacan: the Birthplace of the Gods
U – Utrecht, típico Holandés
V – Versailles, Palacio y Jardines 
W – Washington, DC: Must-Visit Neighborhoods
X – Xochimilco’s Floating Gardens 
Y -Yucatan Peninsula: Exploring Ancient Mayan Sites
Z – El Zocalo in Mexico City

Update: Reflection on the Challenge

Phew! It’s over! It’s a bitter sweet ending for us. Although it was frustrating at times to keep up with, in the end, it was rewarding to complete the challenge. 
We made a lot of friends on Facebook and Twitter and, of course, got a lot of traffic to our blog. At the same time, we’ve discovered a lot of cool blogs and people out there who are passionate about what they do, and we look forward to reading more and connecting with all of them after this challenge. 
The only downside about writing about our Favorite Travel Destinations from A to Z is that we had few destinations for particular letters (J, K, Q, X, Y, Z) which we wouldn’t necessarily consider one of our ”favorites”. On the other hand there were some letters with multiple and awesome destinations, and we had a hard time choosing the best one! 
All in all it was a great experience. This was our first writing challenge, and we’re definitely looking forward to similar opportunities in the future and participating in April next year!


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