Florence, Italy: Honeymoon Day 4

After yesterday’s leisure day through Venice and Florence, we took the opportunity to dedicate today to some of Florence’s rich culture. We began our day walking through town to the Republic Plaza and making our way to Piazza della Signoria, home to the Vecchio Palace – once home to the influential Italian banking family, the Medicis. In front of the palace are numerous statues and palaces as well as an open air statue gallery by the name of Loggia dei Lanzi.

We went inside the Vecchio Palace which is now the town hall – the most impressive town hall I’ve ever heard of! Like many palaces, it’s like walking through a mosaic of fine art, but my favorite room was the Hall of Geographical Maps with 16th Century maps and a large globe in the center.

The Vecchio Palace Tower

On a cultural roll, we continued on to the must-see Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower to see Brunelleschi’s dome with Vasari’s fresco depicting the Last Judgement.

Marble tiles
After exploring Florence’s gourmet Central Market and having lunch, we headed over to the Gallery of the Academy. The real reason you should spend 11 euros to visit this gallery is to see Michaelangelo’s innocent yet cunning David. I wondered if we should have even visited since we saw the replica in front of Vecchio Palace, but they are completely incomparable! Once you walk into the main hall, David towers over the entire gallery standing 17 ft. high (5.17 meters), and is instantly engrossing to all onlookers. I loved how there were various unfinished marble works by Michaelangelo that were much smaller, yet they made the David that much more impressive with his detailed and perfect sculpture. 

We ended the day at the Michaelangelo Plaza for the wonderful panoramic view of Florence and the Arno River to watch the sun set. It’s the perfect place to take it easy, reflect on the city, pop open a bottle of Tuscan wine, and have a picnic.

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