Flying During a Blizzard

The things you do for love…

Monday, Day 1:

A blizzard hit the East Coast bringing 12 and 32 inches (30 and 81 cm), and my flight was to leave at 9pm. Enough said.

JFK International Airport closed until 6pm, however a good friend of mine, Mike, still drove my friend Max and I to NYC all in good faith and friendship. As we drove east, it became more evident that a blizzard really did hit the East Coast and it wasn’t something the compulsively, lying weather men made up this time. We got off at a random exit and TA-DA! We just so happened to end up near Max’s hostel and dropped him off there.
I got word from credible sources that my flight was delayed until 9am the next morning (instead of 10pm that night), so Mike and I stayed with my friend Jen from high school in the city and had a great time indulging ourselves in drinks and Dance Central on XBox.

Tuesday, Day 2:

Arrive at JFK at 6am and realized I wasn’t going anywhere soon. I was tired, I had a headache (possibly from drinking the night before), and really did not want to stand in an unmoving line.
Nap ‘til 9am sleeping on top of my not-so-comfortable suitcase, but it beats the cold floor!
The flight is “indefinitely delayed” and I was on standby with LAN Airlines to begin with!
There were crazy lines that wrapped around countess times. No one in that terminal was going anywhere! There was ONE runway open and flights were delayed since Sunday night.
I stood in line for about 7 hours only to get my ticket, check my bags, and WAIT some more.
I met some cool people in line and we switched off and on walking around, grabbing food, and napping some more on the floor. 

A little after 11pm, we started to board the flight to Chile, 26 hours later than the original flight. Thankfully we actually left, some flights were cancelled and there was no telling when or if they would ever leave.
There were so many people stranded there since Sunday that the food court began to run out of food. I was so tired from standing in line, AND I only stood in line AFTER it actually started moving.


Avoid snow at all costs when traveling.

I have amazing friends who were generous and nice enough to drive me to the airport during a blizzard and give me a place to stay. 

Some strangers are surprisingly friendly despite the situation. This struck me because I figured everyone would be irate by that point. We somehow made the best of the situation and tried to brush it off. We even went as far as to applaud the airline’s crew as they entered the plane.
I never realized how much patience I actually have until Francisco pointed it out to me. The only thing that kept me going was the faith I had that I would actually make the trip. I just knew that I was getting on that plane and I was going to see my love the next morning. The end totally outweighed the means; perhaps everyone else had a similar outlook.
Now, how I got back…is another story.

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