The Girl from my Doorstep

There I was walking around in the late evening. I was meeting a friend somewhere, or so it seemed. Catching a glimpse of a figure at a distance, I walked towards him  and a sharp screech broke our silence. We both acted as if we did not hear anything and continued to walk towards each other, but the clamor continued at a crescendo. This friend and I continued without paying any mind until I heard my father´s voice mixed with this unknown girl´s piercing and constant scream.
¨Get the keys! Open the door! Call the police!! Fuckin´ SHIT!!¨
I woke up. My dream disappeared into nonexistence, and I jumped out of bed before I could have a chance to question what was happening. As soon as I opened my bedroom door, I saw utter chaos and frustration painted all over my father´s face as he attempted to open the front door to a stranger.
A confusing sight appeared just outside my doorstep. An unknown, young girl was frantically trying to get in as she desperately screamed and rang our door bell in attempts to wake up our sleeping home. I heard sudden bursts of ¨Help me! Please help me!!¨, and could not take it anymore. I cowered back into my bedroom, going in circles, until I finally I opened my window that faced the front of our house to try to understand what was going on.

He just stood nonchalantly in his long white tee next to a white SUV, so calm and put together despite the disarray. My whole family was wide awake by this point, and my brother was attempting to open the double-cylinder door while my father hysterically searched for the key somewhere in our unlit house. The guy in the white tee casually walked up the stairs to our front door where the panicking screams got even louder and more desperate. Savagely grabbing her by her partially red-dyed hair, he dragged her down the stairs with frightening ease.
“Let her go!!”
He briefly turned to look at us and carried on, dragged her away, forcefully shoved her into the SUV like rag doll, locked the door, stepped into the drivers seat as if he were about to go for a cruise down the Oakland Strip, and sped way.
Helplessly, we all stood on the other side of the locked door in utter disbelief , confusion, and defeat.
Her cries rang in my ears for days, and I oftentimes wondered if it were her last.
**The people and events portrayed above are real. Any similarity to fictitious characters is coincidental and not intended by the author.