Gourmet Sandwich Fair

As I’ve mentioned before, Chileans are on top of their sandwich game, and today commences the 3rd Sandwich Fair (Feria del Sánguche) in Parque Araucano, with special homage to the gourmet sandwiches of Chile’s culinary heritage. 
More than 20 flavorful restaurants and eateries will participate in this tasty event, including Haussmann, La Superior, La Naranja Mecánica, CaezaePescao, Hogs, Rincón Sureño and La Sanguchería. Classes, workshops, contests and activities for the kids include some of additional activities. 
There will also be musical preformances by Los Tetas, Electrodomésticos, and Vila Cariño. 

Here is a list of activities for each day pulled for the official site: 

When: Thursday, December 5 – Sunday, December 8

Where: Parque Araucano, Presidente Riesco 5698, Santiago, Chile

Admission: $3.000

More Info.: www.feriadelsanguche.cl

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