Hershey: 5 Chocolatey Things to Do

Moving to Lancaster County from the SF Bay Area was a huge culture shock, but Hershey Park was my introduction to Pennsylvania life – a mixture of thrilling fun in a historical and quaint town. Although moving at a slower pace, I’ve learned that you can find cool things to do around you despite where you find yourself, you just need to have your eyes open and know where to look.
My first time in Hershey, I was overwhelmed by the smell of Hershey’s Chocolate instantly filling the town’s air, and it’s no wonder since it’s the Sweetest Place on Earth! In an all American, typical Pennsylvania town surrounded by dairy farms in the early 1900s, Milton S. Hershey sold his Lancaster Caramel Company to establish one of the world’s best known milk chocolate companies with access to locally produced, fresh milk. This list is on the Hershey related things you can do for all of you chocolate lovers and Hershey fans. 

5 Chocolatey Things to Do in Hershey:

1. Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey’s Chocolate World has a free Hershey’s factory tour, well, not the real factory, but a tour nonetheless on how all of the chocolate is made. What’s their secret ingredient? Quality milk! For some reason I was thinking there would be more emphasis on cocoa. Afterward you can participate in a 4D Chocolate Mystery and Chocolate Tasting Adventure.
The best part about Chocolate World is that you can create your own candy bar by choosing the ingredients, including white chocolate. Are we still lying to ourselves about white chocolate being chocolate? 
Anything with Reese’s is my favorite!
As if your own custom candy bar weren’t enough, don’t forget to pick up some goodies from the bakery. 

2. Hershey’s Theme Park

Once a leisure park for Hershey employees and family, it is now home to 12 rollercoasters, 15 water rides in their water park, 37 family rides, 27 kiddie rides, and a zoo. Great for the family, but it’s really a park for all ages. 
The second steepest coaster in the US, dropping at a 97 degrees. 
Even the height restrictions ranging from Kisses to Twizzler on the candy brand key. 
To beat the long lines and candy crazy kids, you can use the Fast Track Pass and cut all the lines or do Hershey Park in the Dark for more spooky festivities around Halloween. 

3. Hershey Gardens

23 acres acres of botanical gardens overlooking Hershey Park, built as a gift from Milton S. Hershey for the community to honor his wife. With four types of rose gardens, flowering garden, a Japanese garden, and children’s garden, the butterfly house makes it is worth the trip with over 300 butterflies representing over 25 varieties. 

4. Hershey Story

The Hershey Story Museum taking you through the life of Milton S. Hershey, the chocolate company, the town of Hershey, and Hershey’s legacy. Did you know that our good friend Milton was a Mennonite that spoke Pennsylvania Dutch? 

5. Hershey Trolley Works

For a more interactive and fun delve into history with singing conductors aboard an old fashioned Hershey Trolley for an hour long sightseeing and chocolate tasting tour through town, Hershey’s birthplace, his home at High Point Mansion, the original factory, and more. 

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