Higher Education in Chile: Overview

Procedures, requirements and all information related to Tertiary Education in Chile

Chile has 60 public and private universities in addition to over 100 technical and vocational institutes. At the university level, students are divided by faculty then major then by year. Undergraduate students study for four to seven years depending on their major. Programs for four or five years usually grant the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. Degrees in engineering, medicine and law are granted after successfully completing six or seven years of college in which they also gain a Professional Title (Título Profesional).
Entry to all programs is based on the secondary diploma, Licencia de Educación Media, and in most cases an entry examination, i.e. Prueba Selección Universitaria (PSU).
In addition to academic programs, most Chilean universities also offer cultural, sport and social programs and clubs to enrich students’ learning experience and develop skills, e.g newspapers publishing, theater groups, sports clubs, student organizations, etc.
Universities do not have student on campus housing; non-local students rent apartments or stay with local relatives.

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