How to Get a Chilean Passport for Adults and Minors

Procedures, requirements and all information related to obtaining your Chilean passport for adults and minors.

If you are a naturalized Chilean citizen or your child is a citizen, as you know, passports are essential for traveling abroad, save for going to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia y Venezuela where you can use your Chilean ID. 


  • 18 years or older
  • Valid Chilean ID

For Minors:

  • 18 years or younger
  • Valid Chilean ID
  • Simple Sworn Declaration by both parents (Declaración jurada simple) **
  • If the child will travel alone, notarized authorization from both parents 
  • If the child will travel with one parent, notarized authorization from the parent who will not be traveling 
  • If one of the parents lives abroad, the authorization to travel should be don’t at the nearest Chilean consul where the parent resides and legalized at the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores in Chile.
  • If the child has a legal guardian, all legal documents must be presented. 

Recommended Steps:

Step 1: Gather Documents

As an adult, the process is exactly the same as obtaining your Chilean ID; however for minors, it can get tricky to depending on your living and travel situation. 
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**These are from a series we contributed to the Chile Pages

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