How to Hire a Nana and Pay Imposiciones in Chile

Procedures, requirements, and all information related to domestic help and paying social security deductions as an employer (imposiciones) in Chile.

Hiring domestic help in Chile is a common practice. Domestic workers include housekeepers, gardeners, child care workers, cooks, and any other persons hired to work within a private home. Housekeepers are known as asesoras or nanas in Chile, and will be referred to as nanas here after. Nanas are the most common domestic workers who can play a multifaceted role as housekeepers, babysitters, and cooks. In Santiago, many nanas are from neighboring countries, and it is legal to hire them if they have the appropriate work permits.

There are two types of nanas:

  • Puertas adentro – full-time nanas living in your home
  • Puertas afuera – full or part-time nanas commuting to your home

Since you will be inviting someone into your home, people often rely on credible recommendations from friends, family, and acquaintances when hiring nanas. You can also go through an agency that will pair you with a nana for a fee. Here are some popular agencies:

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