Matthei and 7 ELEVEN

Yesterday I got back into Santiago and noticed all of the presidential and parliamentary campaign posters throughout the city. Evelyn Matthei’s especially caught my eye, not necessarily because I was attracted to it but because of its striking  resemblance to the well-known, US convenient store, 7 Eleven. I couldn’t stop laughing, but it made me wonder: 1. Who had that great idea?; 2. Did anyone in her crew realize this resemblance??; 3. The campaign organizer must have been Don Draper convincing. She even uses her first name Evelyn instead of Matthei which makes it look more like the 7 Eleven logo. Very classy.  
What Don Draper thought after he sold Matthei the ad campaign.
I imagined Apu, owner of the Quick-E-Mart (7 Eleven parody), as the main sponsor.



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