Santorini, Greece: Honeymoon Days 10-11

We’re back at logging our honeymoon after a 2 day mini vacation from our vacation. Why in the world would we need a vacation from our vacation and how is that possible? After a day of flights and 9 full days of running around 3 different cities, we needed some time to relax and regenerate for the last leg our trip. There was no better way to do it than to hop on a boat from Athens and head to the Greek island of Santorini for their stunning sea views, magnificent sunsets, black sand beaches, and vineyards  – all mixed in with a bit of history. What more can you ask for?

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Santorini, you know that it has one of the most photogenic coastlines and a famed golden-rose sunset, throw in ever-flowing free wine we received at our hotel and a good friend who met us there – it’s all we needed!

The first day we met up with Thomas, a French friend Francisco met during his semester abroad in the US who was awesome enough to meet us on the island. Evidently there are a lot of solid relationships made through study abroad, such as our own. 🙂 We took a stroll across the coastline admiring the steep cliffs, distant islands, and the typical white homes and churches accented with ocean blue domes.

Santorini is the largest island in Thira, a group of islands that were once unified until the largest volcanic eruption in history separated Sanorini from the now central and active volcanic island and a third, smaller island famous for its hot springs. Interestingly enough, legend has it that Thira is the original site of  the lost city of Atlantis.

While we were there we navigated though the island on bus which took us to Kamari, one of the black sand beaches. Hoping to go for a dip, the water was much cooler than I had expected, although it is May, in 80°F weather it was still refreshing.

We took another bus to the hilltop, ancient city Theras, named after the mythical ruler of the island and founded by colonists from Sparta. With a history spanning from 8th century BC to the 6th century AD, we were able to see well preserved ruins of the Agora, theater, and private homes. Having out cultural fix of the day, we walked our way down to the other side of the hill to the next beach.

We spent the rest of our time lounging on the beach, walking through the narrow picturesque streets, catching up with Thomas, sampling Santorini wines, and enjoying Greek cuisine. Now we are off to Turkey for the next 6 days!

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