School Application Process in Chile

Procedures, requirements and all information related to Chilean School Applications

Private Primary and Secondary Schools

All private and public primary and secondary schools require an application process as opposed to simply enrolling into a school within your district or comuna. Students can apply anywhere, and are not restricted to study where they are domiciled if applying to a public school, however depending on the school, there may be preference to local students and private schools may have other requirements like religious affiliation.
All schools have different processes and requirements that can take up to a month to complete, and private schools generally have longer application processes which can include the following:
  • Application including previous school records and recommendations, and birth certificate. If you are transferring from a foreign school, documents must be legalized by the appropriate authorities and translated.
  • Parent Interview
  • Student Evaluation and Placement Tests in language, math, etc.
  • Learning or psychologist report when necessary
It is common to apply for early enrollment at certain schools or be placed on a wait list if vacancies arise. If you are moving to Chile, entrance at after official academic commencement (March or August) can be subject to class vacancies.
Keep in mind that there is an application fee and enrollment fee in addition to monthly tuition which may not be refunded and can be the equivalent of up to 2-3 months worth of tuition.

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