Sunrise from a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia: Honeymoon Day 16

Today we woke up at the ungodly hour of 4:00 AM on our last full day of our honeymoon. The only possible reason I even considered doing such a thing was to watch the sunrise over Cappadocia – the out of this world region of Turkey, a place out of a fictional novel or movie. Oh, I forgot to mention, we would be doing this from a hot air balloon flying at 1,200 mt. (3,937 ft.)!


We were picked up around 4:30 AM, and headed over to the take off site. Thankfully there was coffee to wake me up a bit as well as a snack to munch on while the balloons were prepared. 

A fire to keep us warm…looks really safe. 😉 

I was pretty giddy for this experience since it was on my bucket list to ride a hot air balloon – experience a relaxing ride and aerial view of a beautiful landscape as if I were a bird soaring through the air. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be doing it in such a legendary place. The last time I considered doing it was over Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – Amish farms do not compare in any sense! 
We took off right before the sun rose above Rose Valley. There were at least 100 many hot air balloons that ascended in unison like a swarm of colorful bees in slow motion. I got a little worried because my trooper of a husband has vertigo, but took the risk of doing this together with me!! I imagined this ride consoling him the whole time taking pictures in the most mannerly way possible (is that really possible?). Fortunately you feel completely safe in the sturdy balloon basket mixed in with a lot of self convincing and will power, that awkward and possibly terrifying ride was avoided since he felt no vertigo, even when looking down. Phew!   
Soaring high into the sky and low through the valleys above Gereme’s Open Air Museum, Fairy Chimneys, countless town sand ancient caves carved into mountains and boulders, as well as saw the most epic sunrise coming through behind the Rose Valley Mountains highlighting their colorful red and white cliffs. We ended with a perfect landing and a glass of champagne in celebration, just as the French did during the first successful hot air balloon ride in history. 
This experience just may have been my single most excellent experience I’ve had on our honeymoon, and is definitely in my top 5 travel experiences. It really topped off our honeymoon as an unforgettable trip. If you’re in Cappadocia, do not miss one of the most epic sunrises you’ll ever see! 
It was Turkey’s national day, so we took it easy for the rest of the day trying the local wine and enjoying a homemade meal at our hotel in celebration. Cheers to Turkey and its wonderfully generous and nice people! 


Website: Saray Balloons
Cost: 100 EUR per person (about $140 USD p/p)
Includes: 1 hour ride, informed guide, transportation, coffee and sweet breads before take-off, and a glass of champagne upon landing.

We also did a tour of Selime Monostary, Ihlara Valley, the Underground City, and Pigeon Valley in Cappadocia. Click on this link to read about our experience.

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