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Gringo Thoughts: Mocking Accents

Gringo Thoughts – my rants based on my own personal experiences and frustrations of living as a gringa in a foreign country. This post does not necessarily represent my  more thought out, less emotionally driven views on any particular subject and is meant to be taken lightly. Every day is a lesson, and the best thing I’ve learned is to […]

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I’m not ‘Spanish’!

Welcome to one of my rants. I’ve been away from the blog for a while and have been back in the states. I figured I might as well write a rant about the US since Chile is usually the topic of discussion…and there are far too many rants to write about Chile in the future. 😉 I really have a problem with […]

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El Huevón Chileno

“If you understand ‘el weón weón, weón’ you will know what weón means and how to use it.” – Wise advice from a Chilean sage by the name of Ovejini. Weón. The national Chilean word that can be heard more often in one sentence than a Valley girl can spit out “like”. Like, OMG, like, that’s, like, a lot of weones…or technically speaking, […]

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