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Flying During a Blizzard

The things you do for love… Monday, Day 1: A blizzard hit the East Coast bringing 12 and 32 inches (30 and 81 cm), and my flight was to leave at 9pm. Enough said. JFK International Airport closed until 6pm, however a good friend of mine, Mike, still drove my friend Max and I to NYC all in good faith and friendship. […]

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You Know You’re From Oakland When…

You pronounce Oakland: “OAKLIN”. You learned Ebonics before you learned English. “Beezie, hella, scraper, ripper” is standard English. You Know what “scraper filled wit rippers” mean. You know “in da cuts” don’t got nothing to do wit hair and “grapes” aint got nothin to do wit fruit. You hear gunshots and don’t even get scared and hearing police sirens around […]

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