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Matthei and 7 ELEVEN

Yesterday I got back into Santiago and noticed all of the presidential and parliamentary campaign posters throughout the city. Evelyn Matthei’s especially caught my eye, not necessarily because I was attracted to it but because of its striking  resemblance to the well-known, US convenient store, 7 Eleven. I couldn’t stop laughing, but it made me wonder: 1. Who had that […]

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Chile Violento

El otro día fui a cortarme el pelo, al notar el acento de la peluquera le pregunté si era española. Ahí me contó que era Chilena, pero que vivió cerca de 10 años en España y hace un año que regresó. Le pregunté que si era mucha la diferencia, me dio una respuesta que de primeras me sorprendió: “Acá la […]

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Worldwide Caution!

Today I received an “emergency” e-mail from the US Embassy in Santiago de Chile addressed to citizens residing in Chile. Given the current state of the world and taking into account the tragedy that recently occurred in Norway, I anxiously opened the e-mail. In a matter of seconds so many thoughts ran through my head and I was hoping to […]

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