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Gringo Thoughts: Mocking Accents

Gringo Thoughts – my rants based on my own personal experiences and frustrations of living as a gringa in a foreign country. This post does not necessarily represent my  more thought out, less emotionally driven views on any particular subject and is meant to be taken lightly. Every day is a lesson, and the best thing I’ve learned is to […]

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I’m not ‘Spanish’!

Welcome to one of my rants. I’ve been away from the blog for a while and have been back in the states. I figured I might as well write a rant about the US since Chile is usually the topic of discussion…and there are far too many rants to write about Chile in the future. 😉 I really have a problem with […]

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Why Go to Class?

(Begin Rant) I have one question for all of those people who go to class and either text, IM, watch Youtube videos, check their Facebook, surf the internet and email instead of taking notes: Why go to class? I understand that it is tempting to text or surf the internet if you use a laptop to take notes or have […]

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