The Origin

It has been 5 years since I have lived in the Bay. I look back on life as I knew it there and realize how much I´ve changed. It is like paging through an old photo album – every year you look different. As you get older, it´s not so much how you look, but who you are that changes.

On the other hand there is a constant; that is my essence, my Spirit. It has its origins and was formed in the Bay, in Oakland. Without it I would not be the same person because it’s formed too much of my being. I would not think or have the same worldview as I do, and despite its many flaws, I love it because it´s mine. My bones were made from this soil, my mind wonders these streets when I think of home, my heart burns with love for my people, my soul flows with the ocean winds…
Now I find myself in a replica of my home; the West Coast and the California of South America. Being away for so long with bouts of teases in between, both of these places have seemed like figments of my imagination; paradises that I often visit in my mind where I live different lives. I know they are real because they live in me as parts that make up my whole.
My life story began in the Bay, and narrative in Chile began in the Valparaíso.  

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