Today we Celebrate ‘el Día del Melón con Vino’

Feliz Día del Melón con Vino! Happy Melon with Wine Day!

Chile has a couple holidays celebrating their food and drink culture, like “el día del completo” or “el día de la piscola”. Today is yet another day, and excuse, to drink up and pay homage to Chile’s Fruit and Wine Gods with el melon con vino, a refreshing summertime favorite.


Take a break from your lazy January schedule (you know no one does anything in Chile this month anyway) and head to the pool, beach, or your favorite air conditioned (who am I kidding?) shaded spot and have a good melón con vino!


If you’ve never tried it, it’s precisely what it sounds like: melon + wine, two of Chile’s favorite food groups! Usually honeydew (melón tuna), boxed white wine and optional sugar and ice.

According to Chilean melón con vino experts, the boxed wine is essential since you’ll use a lot to fill up the carved out melon and it’ll have more alcohol content, making it a sweet yet deceiving mixture. The key is to slice off the top of a ripe melon, scoop out the seeds, fill it with wine in advance, keep them chilled so the melon can soak up the wine and provide flavor. Once you drink all of that sweet wine, you have a refreshing melon to eat, truly the best of both worlds.

Enjoy the summer with melons in hand! Salud!

Melon con Vino


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