La Serena and the Facial Hair Museum

I’ve vistied La Serena twice, once with my pololo, Chilean word for boyfriend (hence the title of our travel series). During my last trip there, I visited el Museo Casa Gabriel González Videla which is the only 19th centrury building in the city and once home of former president of Chile and La Serena native.

This post has absolutely no content, aside from the above. The following are a couple pictures I took while visiting the museum. There was a cool display of art, but old men’s facial hair is much more post-worthy. 

This one deserves a close-up.

YES! The unkempt, cowboyesque stache. 
Front and center
Rockin’ the Persian-Pringle man look, or simply known as the handlebar. 
Quasi pencil stache.
The chin hairless beard AKA friendly muttonchops or horseshoe must have been in style back then. 
The full blown goetea with mustache. 
Classic old man stache.  

Ok, I lied; this is also post-worthy. Here are some awesome pieces of art by Audé Gutiérrez which were exhibited at the museum: 

“Caracol Viajero” 


“Dos Cazadores” 


“Tribunal I”

“Hombre con gramófono”


“Leda y el cisne”

“La cueva de Salamanca”

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