ValpoBier Festival

This past weekend Francisco and I hit up a beer smorgasbord – the ValpoBier Fest. 
With over 50 varieties of craft beer from all over the country representing Santiago, Valparaiso, Vina del Mar, Valdivia, Quilpue, Limache, and Olmue. Every brewery had samples and some had bottles and cans on hand for those who wanted to take the party home.
If you have never been to the Tornamesa – Muelle Baron, it is easily identified from Avenida Espana as ‘’that area where old, colorful cars hang in the air’’. Walking into the Tornamesa is like entering an abandoned and hidden site that you had no idea would be able to safely house an event like ValpoBier, but it worked and gave it a special edge that was truly in the spirit of the city. At one end, a stage for live performances and two rows of old train cars offered a safe haven from the beating sun with samples and crafts inside as well as tables to have a drink and sit with friends.
An overwhelming list of stouts, lagers, IPAs, pale ales filled cups infinitely with varied tastes for everyone to discover their favorite including your less traditional brews like Granizo’s amber brew with rosemary, a fresh and intriguing taste of the outdoors in a firm beer . Prost!, a Santiago based brewery also promoted their how to course on craft beers, and wine coolers made an appearance coming in from the Ukraine and Belgium – both surprisingly refreshing and tasty for those who don’t really like beer but are into soda-type beverage with alcohol. The Obolon grapefruit Beer Mix takes home an honorable mention and is probably stocked year-round in R Kelly’s fridge.
If you missed ValpoBier, next time you’re in town hit up the Casa Cervecera Altamira for great food and an impressive stock of craft beers, most of which were present at the festival.
McMillan kicking ass on the bagpipes

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