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We’ve recently been in contact with I Love Chile, Chile’s largest English newspaper, and its team was attracted by our random and fun entries on our experiences in Chile. The Bay Essence team has been invited to regularly contribute, and you should see our articles published at least once a week.

Here is the our first article which was published yesterday, covering Monday’s roundtable on “Chile 40 Years: Fight Against Forgetting and Memories of the Present”. Although this article in particular is a bit different from what we usually publish on Bay Essence, you’ll also see future publications more along the lines of Bay Essence as well. 

Read the article here.

You can find our posts here:
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I Love Chile also has:

  • I Love Chile Quarterly Magazine 
  • I Love Chile Online News 
  • I Love Chile Weekly Digital Magazine 
  • Santiago Radio 
  • I Love Chile TV

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