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Bay Essence has been featured and interviewed on about my expat journey in Chile! is a wonderful resource for future and current expats all over the world. Whether you’re looking for housing, insurance or employment information, they have a team of experts to help answer your questions. Here’s their blurb about me in the interview:

Crystal Manafi is a 25-year-old Freelance Writer and Marketing & Communications Specialist. She is currently residing in Santiago, Chile. Originally from Oakland, California, USA, Mrs. Manafi moved to Chile after graduating college. She said that Santiago’s good economy and employment opportunities made moving there “the best of both worlds.”

Crystal Manafi Bay Essence Blog US / American Expat in Chile

Mrs. Manafi said looking for employment was the most difficult experience she had while living in Chile, saying that adjusting to working in a professional environment within a different language and culture was the hardest aspect about her move. “Eventually I found a job that I liked, but it took longer than I had expected,” she said.

Mrs. Manafi also cautioned expats to take note of the details in their insurance policies. When I first came here, I had to rely on travel insurance since I wasn’t covered internationally with my U.S. health insurance,” she said, mentioning that her U.S. insurance company assured her that she was covered but did not provide her with any additional information, which led her to purchase travel insurance when she realized she was not actually covered abroad. “Don’t rely on just a simple answer from your insurance company,” she added.

Find out more about my experiences in Chile in the full interview here.

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