Why Go to Class?

(Begin Rant)
I have one question for all of those people who go to class and either text, IM, watch Youtube videos, check their Facebook, surf the internet and email instead of taking notes: Why go to class?
I understand that it is tempting to text or surf the internet if you use a laptop to take notes or have internet capability on your phone and I know this statement does not apply to all of those who use these devices. Either way it is a huge distraction to the people around you who actually are trying to pay attention to the lecture and, not to mention, it is rude to the professor.

More importantly, you most likely aren’t getting much out of the class. For example, today someone was watching a MOVIE in class. She was not listening to professor or taking anything close to a note, but rather distracting the whole left side of a very large classroom. Last semester, there was this girl who sat next to me in one of my classes who would copy the PowerPoints on her laptop, however between notes she would shoe shop on the internet. Needless to say, she dropped the class in the middle of the semester probably because she got a D on her midterm and didn’t know what was going on in class. It seems as if the “participation” grade wasn’t enough to bring her grade up.
Another significant point is that we are all paying to take these classes. Why are you wasting your money? Especially in this climate with the state of our current economy and the policies that will affect our education system across the board. How much are you really learning, retaining or benefiting in general by continuously distracting yourself. People think they are multitasking and being super productive but you are only half-assing all of those things at the same time while wasting more time than you would have if you did all of those things separately.
So, why go to class??
(End Rant)

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