You know you’re Chilean if…

A list of random qualities, that once combined, may mean your are Chilean…or becoming Chileanized!

You know you are Chilean if:

…you eat a lot of mayo and make all sorts of salsas with mayo: ketchup and mayo; garlic and mayo; etc. (Check out this video)

…you eat tons of bread for every meal, always have it at home, know all the specific names and buy it at your favorite bakery regardless of how long the line is.

…you say po instead of pues.

.…the news channels use rock music in background

.…you drink tea for breakfast and once (light dinner or a snack between lunch and dinner), and you may get a headache if you don’t drink it

.…two of your cardinal points are ”the ocean” and ”the mountain range”.

…TCHile and SHile are normal pronunciations for CHile.

…in regular conversation, you make references to memes you saw on and

…you only drink Chilean wine.

…Nescafé is real coffee.

…you know that chaqueteo is a national sport.

…you are not afraid of stray dogs.

….you know what el repique is (call someone, hang up, and expect them to call back) and do it when your phone’s minutes are low.

…you drop the letters s and d in some words.

…you use animal names to describe bodily fluids: loros (parrot = bugers), pollos (chickens = spit), patos (ducks = earwax), etc.

…you love fries.

…walking around barefoot at home is weird and you shouldn’t do it because you might catch a cold.

…you use a tostadora instead of a conventional toaster.

tostadora chile

This is a new Chilean stove-top toaster. They’re usually black and burnt, and according to Chilean folklore, in that state, it’s best for toasting bread. (Photo:

…your Independence Day celebrations lasts about 10 days.

…you couldn’t care less if Peru has “better” pisco and pisco sours… or care if they won the War of the Pacific for that matter.

…you eat homemade sopaipillas pasadas on rainy days.


Sopaipillas pasadas – fried pastry with a dough containing squash and covered in a sweet sauce.

…your mom is more involved in your life than your significant other.

….you can’t dance salsa or cumbia as well as other Latinos and prefer to jump around to Chico Trujillo’s ”La Escoba”.

…you name your sandwiches after last names (i.g. Barros Luco) that give no clues as to what they have in them.

…you own at least one fly swatter.

mata moscas

..and it’s probably one of these!

…you know all the over the counter drugs one should take when sick, and most likely have Viadil on your person on any given occasion.…you put salt on salads.

…the word pico (penis) is a laughing matter…beyond your teenage years.

…there is a pharmacy on every other corner in downtown.



merkén (mildly spicy, smoked chili pepper) is spicy.…you use the word ”No” before a positive answer.

cazuela is more than just a plain, ol’ soup.

…you have an ”engineering” degree that has nothing to do with actual engineering.

…you have to neutralize your Spanish to speak to Spanish speakers from different countries.

…most of your pastries and desserts contain manjar (dulce de leche).

…you point to things with your lips or eyebrows.

…you use weón as a filler.

…you are late to everything (AKA always on Chilean Standard Time (CST)) and don’t apologize for it.

…you drive and park like you are the only one on the road.

…you wear a sweater, hat and wool socks to bed because its colder inside than outside during the winter.


**This is in no way, shape or form written to offend anyone nor is it an exclusive or definitive list. It is based on stereotypical things that I have observed over years since I’ve lived here, and as the saying goes: ”Reir es el mejor remedio/Laughing is the best medicine”. Take that pharmacies! 😉

Feel free to add more to the list in the comment section!


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